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Q: What is this Site?
A: A Toplists Site is a collection of gaming sites in ranking order; it helps gamers choose the website they are looking for. This also helps websites to gain more visitors.

Q: How many times can I vote in 24H ?
A: Every 12H you can vote once, so two votes at 24H.

Q: How can I add my site ?
A: Just click the Submit and Add Site button, and complete the form.

Q: How do I login to my account?
A: Just click the User Control Panel button and Enter your ID and password.

Q: Will I get any visitors if I decide to sign up with my site?
A: Yes, but if you do not use our buttons you will end up being at the bottom of the list and in the search results. Those positions don't generate much traffic and you might be deleted automatically as well. As long as you have the buttons on your site and a good, long description, then you will get traffic from the toplist.

Q: How are the sites ranked?
A: Ranking of pages are done according to the number of votes in by a site each month. A 'vote' occurs when a person clicks on our Vote Button Link you have to add on your site's page (thats the only way), and then clicks on 'OK' to vote. Anti-cheating measures are taken in order to ensure the lists remain free of cheaters.

Q: Do I have to insert the HTML code in my site?
A: Yes. If you do not enter the HTML code within 3 days of account activation, then your site will be removed.

Q: Where do I place my HTML code ?
A: Insert the HTML code to the HOME PAGE of your site! You can add it to mutiple pages. Add it to every other page of your website where you think votes will be generated. We will then be able to track all hits and visitors to your website for accurate ranking.

Q: I have questions or want advertise and/or must contact you.
A: Use the Contact Form. Be sure to use a valid email, we will reply soon as possible..

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